Why should Schools subscribe to Eduvity

Eduvity is a combination of Education and Activity. Here is an app that not only ensures total security for the children but also sends instant information to Parents. With Eduvity you can control daily school operations, literally, at the tap of your finger.


Customised App– Eduvity has been meticulously designed to suit the requirements of every school. The app works in accordance to every school’s schedule. Whether it is summer break, exam schedule or everyday school timings, everything can be tailored around easily.


Control over School Buses– Right from the time when school bus starts picking up till every student is off board, you can track each and every school bus. Schools can keep a check when students board the bus, track the route of school bus, keep a check on the stoppage time, and also when they have de-boarded the bus. This feature enables schools to take the control of the entire school bus fleet.



Instant Report of Students– Till now it was difficult for School management to readily get information of every student, but not anymore now. Eduvity lets you access information about any students any time. Eduvity acts as a bridge that narrows the gap between the school management and the students. It can result in the holistic development of the children.


Sending Alerts– Students have to stay back after school hours for a surprise inspection by Education department officials, but how will the school management inform parents about it? Simple, via Eduvity!! Now, school can send important alerts to all the parents in matter of few seconds. Eduvity instantly dispatches important information right from the school on to the mobile screen of the parents/guardians.



Overseeing the Teachers Activity– School can easily oversee the interaction among staff members so that they stay in loop on what is being taught in a particular subject. School can also keep a check on the Parent and Teacher interaction. And all these features are available to the School by means of a simple app called Eduvity.


Fee notification/ Reminder– Now sending messages like fee reminder, Date sheet reminder etc has become easy. The school can broadcast the relevant message directly to the parents. Separate groups can be created for each class and section and applicable message can be sent subsequently.


Instant pictures and Videos– Sending picture and videos of student activities directly to the parents have become very easy. A school official can click the picture or record a dance performance and send it across to the parents. To avoid misuse of pictures and videos, different groups will be created. Eduvity promises to make information exchange possible but with utmost privacy.


Less Paperwork/ Paperless– With Eduvity app in your phone, there is no need to maintain heavy ledgers or a lot of files. Any information that you need is available on your phone. Right from attendance register to result of the students, schools can save a lot of paper and help in the saving the paper just like Eduvity does.


So get the Power of Eduvity Today!!

For more info, visit us at www.eduvity.com

Child Security in Schools

Crime against children is on a rise. Nearly 90,000 crimes against children were registered in 2014 of which over 37,000 involved kidnap and abduction and nearly 14,000 involved rapes. Children are unaware of nefarious intention which makes them vulnerable to such acts of crime.

Children face security threat even in schools. Security of the child is a concern of every parent. Most of the Indian schools lack proper security arrangements for the students. It is high time that schools put in extra effort to beef up the security of the children. Intervention by school at the following levels can help curb the crime-

School Bus– The cases of kidnapping at the bus stop are increasing. The school needs to keep a check on which child has boarded the school bus in the morning and who has de-boarded the bus and when. A similar alert can be sent to the parents. The school buses should be GPS enabled to keep a track of the bus and also make sure that there is no mishap happening on the school bus. Bus tracking feature enabled for the parents will help keep them informed about the bus route and the stoppages that it makes.


Attendance– Attendance is another way of reaffirming that all the students who were picked from the bus stop had made it to the class safely. Attendance alert sent to the parents will help them ensure that their child is safe in the school. Such alerts from every subject teacher will help school to maintain internal security too. The school should be able to access such information at finger tips so that in case of any accident/ criminal activity, the school can take swift action.


School Activity– School should send pictures/ videos of student’s classroom activities regularly to parents. Clicking pictures of students during some fancy dress competition or recording a video of a dance performance can serve two purposes- One, parents will get an instant information of their child’s performance and they won’t miss out on the activities of their children. Two, it will help ensure that children are safe the school in the most un-intimidating manner.


Interaction – A constant interaction between teachers, school and parents can help keep a track of child’s development as well as security. In case there is serious change in the behavior of the child, both school management and parents can intervene and help the child.


Holistic development and security of a child is the responsibility of both parents and school management. So it becomes important that the information of child is instantly available to them. Team Eduvity has developed an app that can help school admin, teachers as well as parents be in constant touch with each other. The entire motive behind developing the app is to focus on child security and development. Eduvity has combined 4 different app and has provided the web console to the school to manage. It makes Eduvity a well managed, customized and a high secure app. With the app in action, every child can be easy tracked and without obstructing the life of the children.


Get your school powered by Eduvity today!


Safety Tips for your Preschoolers

Preschools are the stepping stones for a new beginning in the life of your little one. No doubt it is a big day for you too, but more than that it is worrying you. All this while you were always around to help your kids, but, now things will change. We know you are worried, damn worried about how will your toddler manage without you. The best part is- We understand. We understand that what all you will be going through.

We will help you through this one. You need to relax, to start with. Here are some of the pointers that can help you prepare your little one for this new endeavor.


  1. Introduce the school- It is good idea to take your child to his/her new preschool. Let them explore the place; see the teachers and rest of the kids there. A brief introduction with the people there will help them get a hang of the place. Later when you send them to school, at least it won’t be unfamiliar with it.



  1. Drive them that way often- It is a very good idea to drive your kid that way often so that they register the route and the images of it. Take them around that place and talk about it. While at home, mentally prepare your child for their Preschool. Tell them how good and comfortable the place is.


  1. Available contact Information- Make sure that the school has all the relevant contact information available. Apart from phone numbers and addresses, make sure they know the blood group of the child, or anything that they are allergic to.

Also labeling school bag or shirt with their names is a bad idea. In that case any stranger can know their name. Identity card of the child should be place in his/her shirt pocket.



  1. Communicate with them- It is important to create a healthy environment for the conversation. Try to ask open-ended questions to them. Ask them about their day. This will help you understand how their day went. In case you notice huge difference in their behavior or physical appearance make sure that you investigate more about it.


  1. Know the Driver- In case you personally don’t pick and drop your child, make sure you know who is in charge. Whether it is an auto, cab, school bus or your personal driver introduce your child to them. As a parent it is necessary that you keep a check of their behavior. Have conversations about the drivers with your child.



  1. Educate the Kid- Prevention is better than cure. Teach your child the basic preventive measures against physical abuse. Ask them to stay away from strangers and the people they don’t feel good about. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to not let little known people babysit your child.
Children Reading Books
Children Reading Books


Whoever said Parenting was easy was clearly lying. As a human, you are bound to make mistakes, but the key is to learn from those mistakes. Rise in crime against children is worrying, but you will have to brave the situation and stay alert and positive.


Eduvity has developed an app by means of which you can get all the necessary information like pick up and dropping of the child, tracking the route of the bus, attendance alerts, activity pictures and videos.  This will help you ensure that the child is safe all the time.


Ask your child’s school to get the power of Eduvity NOW!!

Homework Tips for Parents

Research has shown that involvement of Parents in their child’s education can result in the positive development of children. Such children become more successful in schools. Doing homework or assignment necessarily does not mean to hunch at the table, shout and scribble. Completing an assignment together can be a powerful tool to understand what your children are learning at School. It also provides a reason for interaction not only with children but also with their teachers.

Your involvement with your children has to be strategically done. Never try to be intimidating otherwise your children will start hating your interference. Here are few recommended by the experts that can prove to beneficial for your children to complete their assignment-


  1. Create an assignment friendly environment- Children’s attention span is very less. Try to assign one place where homework or assignments can be done quietly. Keep all the required supplies like pen, pencil, colours, scissors etc handy. This place should be free from any distraction like a music system or TV. In case of some enthusiastic kids, even a window overlooking a dead lawn can be a huge distraction. As a parent, you know your child better so make necessary arrangements accordingly.



  1. Prepare a time table- Having a time table will not only teach time management to children, but they will look to follow it so that they can spend more time doing their favourite activity. Plan a time table strategically. Try and assign a break of 10 minutes after every hour. This will keep children focused and stress-free



  1. Understanding the Homework- Spend a little time in understanding the motive of homework. Check what your child is leaning at the school, what his/her books prescribe and work accordingly. It is very important to understand the motive of the teacher who assigns an assignment. Take out time to meet teachers and get more help from them.



  1. Be a facilitator- Let children do their work themselves. As a parent your job is to only oversee and guide them if required. This will give a sense of independence and responsibility to the children. Remember even if the child has a lot of homework to finish, you can only help them with it. You cannot work or learn on their behalf. But yes just be around so that they can approach you if needed.



  1. Reward them- The problem with Indian parents is that we know when to shout at the child, but we don’t know how to reward them. Rewarding your child when they successfully finish their homework on time can be a great encouragement. But understanding the difference between rewarding and spoiling. A reward can be a note of refrigerator in praise of the child or a half an hour extension to the play time. Make sure your children earn such rewards for themselves.


  1. Set an example- Upbringing of children can become easy if you start setting an example for them. If you want your child to talk politely, make sure you are polite to everyone you speak to. Parents are first teacher of every child. If you want to inculcate the habit of reading among children maybe you can start reading books yourself first. Try to read and write while your children are completing their assignments, it will encourage them to work a little harder.



  1. In case of problem, get some help- Some children may require expert help. In such cases, it is advisable to consult some professional. You can appoint a private tutor who can help guide your child. For you, as a parent, it is important to keep children encouraged.



For the holistic development of the children, it is important that Parents and Teachers interact more often. Eduvity app provides a platform for such instant interactions. Eduvity helps parents, teachers and school be in constant touch with one another for the sake of development of the child.


Ask your child’s school to get the power of Eduvity.



10 Reasons to have Eduvity App

Imagine a world where there is seamless sync between School, Teachers and Parents, where the sole aim is holistic development and security of the child and where all of this happens on the finger tips. Well, we name have named that world EDUVITY.

We are giving you 10 top reasons to get this App.

  • Bus alerts/Pick up Information


Eduvity’s attendant’s app sends you alerts as soon as the school bus leaves from the school for the pickup. It tells you exactly how much time would the bus take to reach your assigned stop. So, that you don’t have to wait endlessly. Also if the child is walking alone to the bus stop, you will get an alert once the pickup is done.

  • Real time Bus tracking


The app enables you to keep a track of the school bus and that too in real time. You can keep a check on the route it takes till it reaches the school. You will get an alert when the trip ends.

  • Attendance Alerts


Attendance alert is a teacher’s enabled app. Now the class teacher can mark the attendance by simply logging in to the app. An instant update of the attendance will be received by the parents.

  • Interaction among Teachers

Eduvity helps all the subject teachers to stay in sync with each other via this app. They can interact to know about the topics being taught, activities conducted etc so that they can formulate their lesson plans accordingly.

  • Assignment information

Get all the assignment or home work related messages directly from the teacher beforehand. So that when you still to help your children with the assignment, at least you will have every required prop and information already ready.

  • School Reminders

Picnic information, fee reminder, half day or sports day practise- get all the information from the school management. School via Eduvity app can simply send you the relevant message and keep you informed.

  • Instant Pictures


You worked hard to prepare your child for that fancy dress competition and you cannot see them perform, what a misery! We understand on how badly you want to preserve each memory of your child so now get instant pictures of your child while they are performing various fun activities at their school.

  • Readily available pictures and Videos


It is your child’s Annual day dance performance and you could not make it to the event- It’s ok. Yes, you heard us right- It’s OK. Eduvity will get you the entire performance video and picture right there and then on your mobile phone.

  • Dropping Information/ Unassigned Guardian Information


At the end of the school day, you will get updates on the route and arrival of the school bus. So, one is saved from the agony of waiting at the assigned stop for the bus. In case some unassigned person comes to pick your child, the attendant can click his/her picture and send it to the parents for their information.

  • Updates on Child’s progress

Now you don’t have to wait for the assigned Parent Teacher Meet. You can know the progress of your child at your convenience. Determining the progress of regular basis can help you to help your child in improving his/her grades.


Eduvity makes sure that all the data and its access available only to the school authorities. Security of the child is the prime focus for any school and parents and it is for Eduvity.


Ask your child’s school to get powered by EDUVITY.

30 Crazy Activities to do with your Children

Let us start by saying the bitterest truth- Parenting is NOT easy. Parents are constantly stuck between striking a balance between their work and the child- going to office to spending time with the kid. And all hampers their energy levels to such an extent that they end up messing up everything. For a healthy upbringing, it is very important for Parents to spend quality time with their children. Our best advice- Relax. Take deep breath and understand that good parenting will come naturally to you once you start keeping a track of your actions and words. Have fun with your children and you will realize that it has not only benefited your child but also have enriched your life with new experiences.


We have a list of 30 crazy activities that will help you loosen up. Do it for one month and see the difference. But there is a condition- Don’t think just do it!

Haiku– Haika is a Japanese style of poetry. It is a three-line observation about a fleeting moment involving nature. But we are giving you a super amazing method of doing it. Get together with the children; spread a large sheet on the center table or dining table. Write some random words for each other and challenge each other to form a haiku using those words.

Show your moves– Yes dancing is the best form of exercising and relaxing. Decide on a favorite number of your kid. Discover crazy steps and give it a name. Together dance your heart out. Move around in the house like dedicated dancing partners. You can make videos and send it to your social circle for inspiration. Sounds like fun?


Visit a museum– Taking your kids to museum will help them get interest in art and history. But plan you’re your visit properly. Don’t just buy them snacks and give them one hour to see everything. Walk besides them. Show them artifacts, get them interested. Once you come back home, encourage them to recreate the installations. Join them in their efforts.


Write to Pet– Writing letters in very important part of learning. Ask your children to write a letter to your pet. This will not only help child improve his/her expression but also develop the humane attitude towards the animals. You can respond to their letters on behalf of the pet. C’mon you can totally behave like that lazy cat of yours.


Role Reversal– This is the most loved activity among people of all age groups. All the while we were kids, we wanted to grow up and not that we are grown up, we want to be a kid again. So here is your chance. This will make your kid happy and you- Super happy. It is a subtle way of giving them a taste of their own behavior. This will make them understand that it is not easy to be a grown up.

Spice it up– ROFL! We are already laughing. Normally you buy ice cream for your children so here is a fun twist t it. You can add a spice to each others’ Vanilla scoop. Just be careful with the quantity of the spices that you add, because children will need a little help there. And it’s perfectly safe to add spice to the ice creams. And who knows you might just find a new ice cream flavor.

BTW, who came up with this idea??

Magicians– Yeah, yeah you got it, didn’t you? One point in time, we all wanted to be a magician. Similar is with your kids. The entire family can sit together and create uber cool wands for themselves. You have to just invent new magic words and get point your wand towards the victim. And rule the world!


The Invisible One– Imagine you drank a portion one day and became invisible. How will your child manage things without you? Or maybe your kid drank the portion; will you miss him/her? We don’t know the answers. Try this at home.

Act a movie– Watch a movie together with your family. Everyone picks their favorite character and act their part. This will help in improving everyone’s memory in the family. Looks easy, no? Trust us it is not. But we can assure it is total fun.


Gardening– Encourage your child to plant seeds with you and care for the plants. This will bring them closer to nature. You can tell them about how leaves manufacture food for plants. Help them to prepare a journal where they can draw, write and record the growth of the plant after every 5-7 days.

Father And Son Harvesting Carrots On Allotment

Write for a film– Team up with your children. Think of a film genre and start writing the script of a film. How about a suspense film? This can surely generate some curiosity among the kids. Work with them as a team and guide them through it. Maybe your deaden passion sprouts out in the process.

Picture 1

Disco Night– Neither can you take your child to the disco nor can you go. So let’s bring disco to your living room. Carefully plan and prepare a playlist. Wear flashy clothes, mute the lights, get a disco ball and blast up the music. Get grooving. You are in a disco with your baby and it feels as good as home.

Car Wash– It is very important to involve your children while doing the household work. This will make them responsible, organised and you will get more time to spend with each other. Washing the car is one such activity. You have water and bubbles all around, won’t it be fun?

Greeting Cards– We all have made greeting cards. It is time to pass on this art to your younger ones. Help them make cards for grandparents, friends and write some beautiful messages. No matter how instant text message and social media messages are nothing can replace the charm of a handmade card.


Family Picnic– This phrase thrills everyone. But you are so busy and so is your partner so how will this work out? We have an idea- put up a tent in the living room and create surroundings as if you are at home away from home. Have fun play games and catch your sleep on time.


Jumping over Puddles– Rain is bliss. Next time it pours make sure you and your children g out and dance in the rain. It is good for your skin and moreover refreshing for your soul. Jump in that muddy puddle. Take a chill if your kids do it too. It’s fine to be a little lenient with them


Building Models– Children get to do assignments all the time. So why not take active participation in it. You can help them create models of the topics that they find difficult to understand. Sending time creating crafts/models with your children is not only a learning experience but it helps improve a lot of other skills.


New Dish– How about becoming the star chef in the house? Ask your children to join you and help you experiment new dishes. You can add your favourite ingredients and create a whole new dish. Warning- The mess in the kitchen and the taste of the dish will entirely be your responsibility. We can’t help you there 🙂


Food Art– Aren’t your children always throwing tantrums about how they hate a particular food or bored by eating corn flakes and milk for breakfast every day? Here is an idea. Challenge them to work on the ‘presentation’ of the food. Make animal out of vegetables, building with bread and create stories with corn flakes. Let them get interested in food.

Long Drive– Let us agree on this. We all crave for a long long drive and listening to great music. Long drives and road trips enhances everyone’s personality. So here is the twist, take your child along with you this time. Play random music and sing loudly. It will be so much fun. Let them see how cool you actually are.

Scavenger Hunt– A game about running around and deciphering the clues. Play it with your children. Let us see who outplays who.

A Coruña
A Coruña

Science Project– OK, we are definitely not talking about the assignment given by schools. We are talking about science projects like those super cool scientists. Pick up that science experiment book, wear a lab coat with goggles and you are a team with your children. You are scientists on a super secret mission to save earth from the crisis of no electricity- create a prototype of a power house using lemons and potatoes. Fun, eh!

Puppet Show– Have a lesson to teach? A story to tell? Or a new values to teach? Here is a something interesting- Puppets. You don’t have to take out time to make puppets- Pick up an old sock, draw eyes on it and you are sorted. Encourage children to execute puppets. This will improve their fine motor skills too

Father playing with daughter --- Image by © Heide Benser/Corbis

Writing a Journal– Well this activity should be inculcated among children of all age groups. Encourage them to write journal every night before going to sleep. You can help them paste relevant pictures so that it keeps them interested. This habit will prove to be very rewarding in the later stage of life.


Coloring Books– Looking to de-stress yourself? The answer is coloring. Yes, till not we thought that coloring is an option only for kids but no! Markets are full of coloring book for adults. Get yourself one and sit besides your kid and color them together. It will relax you completely.


New Board Game– Invent a new board game with your children, have your own fun rules, and see if people can defeat you at your own game. Hold competitions with your friends and family. Become an undefeated champion at it.

Gift Wrapping– Wrapping a gift is an activity which requires some skill. Help your kids with wrapping gifts or random boxes. You can turn up the fun by few notches. Have a timed competition with your children. See who completes the task first with neatness.

Karaoke– Who says you need to be as melodious as Lata Mangeshkar or as versatile at Shreya Goshal to sing? We bring to you most brilliant of the ideas from our bag. Karaoke. Yes. Form a band, listen to music, read the lyrics and shout your lungs out. Just remember to give a heads up to your neighbors.


Watch the clouds– Clouds form various shapes and we weave crazy stories. All you have to do is team up with your child, stretch out on the grass, watch the clouds and cook up stories. And don’t forget to share it with us.

Exhibition– Organise an exhibition in your house for your family and friends. Put up all the marvels that you have created with your kids. Invite your friends and your children’s friends to this exhibition. Let people come and appreciate your efforts. This will boost your child’s confidence and they will be game in for more.

With all the activity ideas for reference, pick any one for each day for whole month and see the difference. The bonding between you and your child will reach to another level. And despite your daily routine you will get time for kids and all the crazy stuff too. We are trying to make things easy for you just like our app- Eduvity.

Eduvity helps you to make sure that you are in sync with the teachers and schools when it comes to the development of your child. It also ensures that your child is safe all the time. Ask your child’s school to get powered by Eduvity.


Interesting Teaching Techniques


A teacher has one of the most tedious tasks in our society. (S)he has to constantly struggle to manage her/his class- a heterogeneous pack of children.

Interestingly, the teaching methodology has moved from the conventional lectures to cooperative and collaborative style.  There are a variety of strategies that can be implemented in the classroom to improve students’ leaning. These strategies can be easily executed in the class and increase the learning outcome manifolds. The best part about implementing strategies is that it does not only make teaching easy, but also enhance other skills among children.


Graphic Organizers– A visual representation is always the best method of teaching. Study says that our minds can comprehend and memorise pictures better as compared to the text. Graphic organizers can be used to enhance learning and understanding of subject matter content. It can be effectively used while brainstorming, writing projects, it encourages student to make decisions and organising ideas. Some of the most commonly used orgainsers are Venn diagram, concept maps etc

Role Play– Role play is one on the most loved strategy among students. It requires a through preparation by both students and teachers. Students act as someone else or create an imaginary situation. For example- While reading about Himalayas, a child can behave as if he is on top of one such mountain and explain its terrestrial to the rest of the class. Or maybe a student can become a hydrogen atom to explain Atoms and Molecules to rest of the class.

A strategy like this can not only make learning easy but also enhance the imagination of the students.

Discussion– Class discussion is yet another useful technique. It can help students retain knowledge for a longer time and develop problem solving attitude. Discussion creates an inclusive environment in the class and students get more acquainted with one another. The ideal seating arrangement for discussion is a circle. The role of the teacher becomes more of a facilitator who can moderate the discussion and if needed ask the right questions.

Field Trip– With the evolution of the education sector, learning is no more confined to the four walls of the classroom. It is very important to bring out students from the classroom and make them familiarize with the environment around them. Nothing can beat the experience of field trips as students absorb the leaning from surroundings first hand. Imagine teaching students about drip irrigation and taking them to a village field where they can practically see how it works. Not only this, they can speak to the farmer and talk about his life in village and what all agricultural practices he follows.

Story Telling– A story is a need of every individual. We all crave for a story. And, how interesting it would be to teach a lesson by means of a story, just imagine!! Story telling is a unique way to develop skills like imagination, listening and creativity among students.

As a teacher, you can enhance the experience of story-telling by modulating your voice, using your body to react to various situations, emoting a feeling, utilising the classroom space etc to make it a rich experience for the students.

Information Exchange – Information exchange is an interesting technique that enables students to interact with each other for the exchange of information. They become responsible for each others’ understanding. An information exchange held within a group can widen the learning horizon of the students. Apart from increase in the learning, this techniques helps to improve skills like problem solving, communication, critical thinking. The role of the teacher, here, merely becomes that of a moderator or a facilitator.


It is very important for teachers to keep on experimenting with new strategies and teaching methods in the class to keep students engrossed. And to ease the pressure of finding new strategies, it is important that teachers share their wisdom with their co-workers. Eduvity provides a platform to teachers to exchange information among themselves so that-

  1. They learn innovative methods from each other
  2. Don’t repeat any strategy unknowingly
  3. Be in sync with what other faculty members are teaching


Install the Eduvity app and make teaching easy.

Reading List for growing ones

We all have heard that books are our best friends and how important it is to read. But, don’t you often wonder how to develop this habit in your kids? What books should they read? Or even, where to start from?

Experts say that children pick their basic habits, words and actions from their parents. That is why kids start imitating their parents or learn the words the way their parents pronounce. So, if you are looking to inculcate the habit of reading among children, it has to start with you.

Once you start reading with your children, they will look forward to the ‘We time’. Slowly they get attracted to the magic of books. They will start believing that books bring you together. The next question remains- what books to read? Here is a recommendation list for your growing up kids-


The Wishing Chair Series

Adventure of the wishing chair

You have to begin reading to your little ones and what can be better than The Wishing Chair Series. It is a story of a chair that has extra-ordinary power to grow wings, can fly and take you to various adventurous sites. That is the magic of Bylton’s pen!! So fasten your seat belts and get ready for all the amazing rides with Peter and Mollie.




Panchatantra is believed to be composed around 3rd century and is based on the old oral version of storytelling. The series is beautifully interwoven using both prose and poetry. The stories are mostly animal fables packaged with the worldly wisdom and reflection of Indian way of life. History has evidence that the tales of Panchatantra travelled across Persia, Greece and Europe. Well we come from the land of Panchatantra so pass on the story and brag it!


Malgudi Days

Malgudi days

Set in the fictional town of Malgudi, the book is liked by children and adults alike. These stories portray the plain and simple life of people in Indian villages. The stories of Malgudi were later adapted as television series on Doordarshan. And, who doesn’t know about mischievous Swami and his friends?



Diary of a wimpy kid (Series)

Diary of a wimpy kid

Now this is an interesting read. Diary of a wimpy kid is actually written as a journal of Greg Heffley. All the books in the series are full of hand-written notes and doodles of growing-up Greg and his daily adventures. The series began as an online version in US and was later printed and released as a novel series. Diary of wimpy kid was listed in commercially successful books in US for 141 weeks, making, its author, Jeff Kinney, TIME’s one of ‘The World’s Most Influential People’ in 2009



The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Adventure of Tom Sawyer

Coming from the pen of ‘Greatest American humorist of his age’, Mark Twain what can you expect, but utter humor? Tom lives in, a fictional village, St. Petersburg with Aunt Polly. Despite all the efforts of Aunt Polly to disciple Tom, he continues to be a smart kid and thoroughly entertains his readers. Twain has used Tom Sawyer’s character in his other writings too.


Are you there God? It’s Me, Margaret

Are you there God

Here is the teenage story especially for the girls. So, Margaret is entering her teens and is discovering new changes in her body and her mind. She comes across many ‘first-timers’, has no inclination for religion, starts getting attracted to the opposite gender etc. etc. etc. Doesn’t all this sound familiar when it comes to your early teenagers? This is the book that they can easily relate to and realize that they are not alone in this mess of teenage. After the success of this book, Judy Blume wrote Then Again, Maybe I won’t from a boy’s perspective.


The Chronicles of Narnia


A perfect blend of fantasy, magic, flying animals and what a wonderland.  C.S. Lewis has interestingly maintained that all the characters are children or young adults. The characters have been inspired from Greek, Roman mythology and Irish fairy tales. The book proved to be huge commercial success selling over 100 million copies in 47 different languages. It has been adapted as films and radio plays.


Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter

Harry Potter doesn’t need an introduction, isn’t it? Harry Potter is a collection of stories of young wizard Harry, his friends, his life in the Wizcraft School and of course lord Voldemort (Oops!! We are not supposed to name him) Your kids know Daniel Radcliffe as Harry so probably now is the time to hand them that Harry Potter series. A book is always better than its film adaptation, it unleashes the imagination. Children are more capable than grown-ups; maybe they come up with new imagery of Hogwarts.


The Diary of a Young Girl

diary of a young girl

Also known as The Diary of Anne Frank, the book is a historical account of atrocities paved by Nazis occupation. The book is written by a teenage girl Anne who names her diary Kitty. The plot of the book remains one of the darkest chapters of world history, but it can be a very non-violent of introducing world history to your children and that too from perspective of a growing up girl herself. The book has been translated in over 60 lanuages.


I am Malala

I am Malala

Auto biographies are the first hand experience of the main character of the book. An autobiography like I am Malala are a must read for your children. This is a story of a teenager who was stood like a rock against Taliban for the cause of girl education and became the young recipient of Nobel Peace Prize for peace.



More than handing over a book to your kid, it is more important to keep a check on what they are reading. Just like Eduvity helps you keep a check on your child when they are in their schools. It helps you get regular updates on the well-being of your child. And as they say, “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy books and that’s kind of the same thing”. Do your children a lifetime favor, feed the reader in them.