10 Reasons to have Eduvity App

Imagine a world where there is seamless sync between School, Teachers and Parents, where the sole aim is holistic development and security of the child and where all of this happens on the finger tips. Well, we name have named that world EDUVITY.

We are giving you 10 top reasons to get this App.

  • Bus alerts/Pick up Information


Eduvity’s attendant’s app sends you alerts as soon as the school bus leaves from the school for the pickup. It tells you exactly how much time would the bus take to reach your assigned stop. So, that you don’t have to wait endlessly. Also if the child is walking alone to the bus stop, you will get an alert once the pickup is done.

  • Real time Bus tracking


The app enables you to keep a track of the school bus and that too in real time. You can keep a check on the route it takes till it reaches the school. You will get an alert when the trip ends.

  • Attendance Alerts


Attendance alert is a teacher’s enabled app. Now the class teacher can mark the attendance by simply logging in to the app. An instant update of the attendance will be received by the parents.

  • Interaction among Teachers

Eduvity helps all the subject teachers to stay in sync with each other via this app. They can interact to know about the topics being taught, activities conducted etc so that they can formulate their lesson plans accordingly.

  • Assignment information

Get all the assignment or home work related messages directly from the teacher beforehand. So that when you still to help your children with the assignment, at least you will have every required prop and information already ready.

  • School Reminders

Picnic information, fee reminder, half day or sports day practise- get all the information from the school management. School via Eduvity app can simply send you the relevant message and keep you informed.

  • Instant Pictures


You worked hard to prepare your child for that fancy dress competition and you cannot see them perform, what a misery! We understand on how badly you want to preserve each memory of your child so now get instant pictures of your child while they are performing various fun activities at their school.

  • Readily available pictures and Videos


It is your child’s Annual day dance performance and you could not make it to the event- It’s ok. Yes, you heard us right- It’s OK. Eduvity will get you the entire performance video and picture right there and then on your mobile phone.

  • Dropping Information/ Unassigned Guardian Information


At the end of the school day, you will get updates on the route and arrival of the school bus. So, one is saved from the agony of waiting at the assigned stop for the bus. In case some unassigned person comes to pick your child, the attendant can click his/her picture and send it to the parents for their information.

  • Updates on Child’s progress

Now you don’t have to wait for the assigned Parent Teacher Meet. You can know the progress of your child at your convenience. Determining the progress of regular basis can help you to help your child in improving his/her grades.


Eduvity makes sure that all the data and its access available only to the school authorities. Security of the child is the prime focus for any school and parents and it is for Eduvity.


Ask your child’s school to get powered by EDUVITY.

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