30 Crazy Activities to do with your Children

Let us start by saying the bitterest truth- Parenting is NOT easy. Parents are constantly stuck between striking a balance between their work and the child- going to office to spending time with the kid. And all hampers their energy levels to such an extent that they end up messing up everything. For a healthy upbringing, it is very important for Parents to spend quality time with their children. Our best advice- Relax. Take deep breath and understand that good parenting will come naturally to you once you start keeping a track of your actions and words. Have fun with your children and you will realize that it has not only benefited your child but also have enriched your life with new experiences.


We have a list of 30 crazy activities that will help you loosen up. Do it for one month and see the difference. But there is a condition- Don’t think just do it!

Haiku– Haika is a Japanese style of poetry. It is a three-line observation about a fleeting moment involving nature. But we are giving you a super amazing method of doing it. Get together with the children; spread a large sheet on the center table or dining table. Write some random words for each other and challenge each other to form a haiku using those words.

Show your moves– Yes dancing is the best form of exercising and relaxing. Decide on a favorite number of your kid. Discover crazy steps and give it a name. Together dance your heart out. Move around in the house like dedicated dancing partners. You can make videos and send it to your social circle for inspiration. Sounds like fun?


Visit a museum– Taking your kids to museum will help them get interest in art and history. But plan you’re your visit properly. Don’t just buy them snacks and give them one hour to see everything. Walk besides them. Show them artifacts, get them interested. Once you come back home, encourage them to recreate the installations. Join them in their efforts.


Write to Pet– Writing letters in very important part of learning. Ask your children to write a letter to your pet. This will not only help child improve his/her expression but also develop the humane attitude towards the animals. You can respond to their letters on behalf of the pet. C’mon you can totally behave like that lazy cat of yours.


Role Reversal– This is the most loved activity among people of all age groups. All the while we were kids, we wanted to grow up and not that we are grown up, we want to be a kid again. So here is your chance. This will make your kid happy and you- Super happy. It is a subtle way of giving them a taste of their own behavior. This will make them understand that it is not easy to be a grown up.

Spice it up– ROFL! We are already laughing. Normally you buy ice cream for your children so here is a fun twist t it. You can add a spice to each others’ Vanilla scoop. Just be careful with the quantity of the spices that you add, because children will need a little help there. And it’s perfectly safe to add spice to the ice creams. And who knows you might just find a new ice cream flavor.

BTW, who came up with this idea??

Magicians– Yeah, yeah you got it, didn’t you? One point in time, we all wanted to be a magician. Similar is with your kids. The entire family can sit together and create uber cool wands for themselves. You have to just invent new magic words and get point your wand towards the victim. And rule the world!


The Invisible One– Imagine you drank a portion one day and became invisible. How will your child manage things without you? Or maybe your kid drank the portion; will you miss him/her? We don’t know the answers. Try this at home.

Act a movie– Watch a movie together with your family. Everyone picks their favorite character and act their part. This will help in improving everyone’s memory in the family. Looks easy, no? Trust us it is not. But we can assure it is total fun.


Gardening– Encourage your child to plant seeds with you and care for the plants. This will bring them closer to nature. You can tell them about how leaves manufacture food for plants. Help them to prepare a journal where they can draw, write and record the growth of the plant after every 5-7 days.

Father And Son Harvesting Carrots On Allotment

Write for a film– Team up with your children. Think of a film genre and start writing the script of a film. How about a suspense film? This can surely generate some curiosity among the kids. Work with them as a team and guide them through it. Maybe your deaden passion sprouts out in the process.

Picture 1

Disco Night– Neither can you take your child to the disco nor can you go. So let’s bring disco to your living room. Carefully plan and prepare a playlist. Wear flashy clothes, mute the lights, get a disco ball and blast up the music. Get grooving. You are in a disco with your baby and it feels as good as home.

Car Wash– It is very important to involve your children while doing the household work. This will make them responsible, organised and you will get more time to spend with each other. Washing the car is one such activity. You have water and bubbles all around, won’t it be fun?

Greeting Cards– We all have made greeting cards. It is time to pass on this art to your younger ones. Help them make cards for grandparents, friends and write some beautiful messages. No matter how instant text message and social media messages are nothing can replace the charm of a handmade card.


Family Picnic– This phrase thrills everyone. But you are so busy and so is your partner so how will this work out? We have an idea- put up a tent in the living room and create surroundings as if you are at home away from home. Have fun play games and catch your sleep on time.


Jumping over Puddles– Rain is bliss. Next time it pours make sure you and your children g out and dance in the rain. It is good for your skin and moreover refreshing for your soul. Jump in that muddy puddle. Take a chill if your kids do it too. It’s fine to be a little lenient with them


Building Models– Children get to do assignments all the time. So why not take active participation in it. You can help them create models of the topics that they find difficult to understand. Sending time creating crafts/models with your children is not only a learning experience but it helps improve a lot of other skills.


New Dish– How about becoming the star chef in the house? Ask your children to join you and help you experiment new dishes. You can add your favourite ingredients and create a whole new dish. Warning- The mess in the kitchen and the taste of the dish will entirely be your responsibility. We can’t help you there 🙂


Food Art– Aren’t your children always throwing tantrums about how they hate a particular food or bored by eating corn flakes and milk for breakfast every day? Here is an idea. Challenge them to work on the ‘presentation’ of the food. Make animal out of vegetables, building with bread and create stories with corn flakes. Let them get interested in food.

Long Drive– Let us agree on this. We all crave for a long long drive and listening to great music. Long drives and road trips enhances everyone’s personality. So here is the twist, take your child along with you this time. Play random music and sing loudly. It will be so much fun. Let them see how cool you actually are.

Scavenger Hunt– A game about running around and deciphering the clues. Play it with your children. Let us see who outplays who.

A Coruña
A Coruña

Science Project– OK, we are definitely not talking about the assignment given by schools. We are talking about science projects like those super cool scientists. Pick up that science experiment book, wear a lab coat with goggles and you are a team with your children. You are scientists on a super secret mission to save earth from the crisis of no electricity- create a prototype of a power house using lemons and potatoes. Fun, eh!

Puppet Show– Have a lesson to teach? A story to tell? Or a new values to teach? Here is a something interesting- Puppets. You don’t have to take out time to make puppets- Pick up an old sock, draw eyes on it and you are sorted. Encourage children to execute puppets. This will improve their fine motor skills too

Father playing with daughter --- Image by © Heide Benser/Corbis

Writing a Journal– Well this activity should be inculcated among children of all age groups. Encourage them to write journal every night before going to sleep. You can help them paste relevant pictures so that it keeps them interested. This habit will prove to be very rewarding in the later stage of life.


Coloring Books– Looking to de-stress yourself? The answer is coloring. Yes, till not we thought that coloring is an option only for kids but no! Markets are full of coloring book for adults. Get yourself one and sit besides your kid and color them together. It will relax you completely.


New Board Game– Invent a new board game with your children, have your own fun rules, and see if people can defeat you at your own game. Hold competitions with your friends and family. Become an undefeated champion at it.

Gift Wrapping– Wrapping a gift is an activity which requires some skill. Help your kids with wrapping gifts or random boxes. You can turn up the fun by few notches. Have a timed competition with your children. See who completes the task first with neatness.

Karaoke– Who says you need to be as melodious as Lata Mangeshkar or as versatile at Shreya Goshal to sing? We bring to you most brilliant of the ideas from our bag. Karaoke. Yes. Form a band, listen to music, read the lyrics and shout your lungs out. Just remember to give a heads up to your neighbors.


Watch the clouds– Clouds form various shapes and we weave crazy stories. All you have to do is team up with your child, stretch out on the grass, watch the clouds and cook up stories. And don’t forget to share it with us.

Exhibition– Organise an exhibition in your house for your family and friends. Put up all the marvels that you have created with your kids. Invite your friends and your children’s friends to this exhibition. Let people come and appreciate your efforts. This will boost your child’s confidence and they will be game in for more.

With all the activity ideas for reference, pick any one for each day for whole month and see the difference. The bonding between you and your child will reach to another level. And despite your daily routine you will get time for kids and all the crazy stuff too. We are trying to make things easy for you just like our app- Eduvity.

Eduvity helps you to make sure that you are in sync with the teachers and schools when it comes to the development of your child. It also ensures that your child is safe all the time. Ask your child’s school to get powered by Eduvity.


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