Homework Tips for Parents

Research has shown that involvement of Parents in their child’s education can result in the positive development of children. Such children become more successful in schools. Doing homework or assignment necessarily does not mean to hunch at the table, shout and scribble. Completing an assignment together can be a powerful tool to understand what your children are learning at School. It also provides a reason for interaction not only with children but also with their teachers.

Your involvement with your children has to be strategically done. Never try to be intimidating otherwise your children will start hating your interference. Here are few recommended by the experts that can prove to beneficial for your children to complete their assignment-


  1. Create an assignment friendly environment- Children’s attention span is very less. Try to assign one place where homework or assignments can be done quietly. Keep all the required supplies like pen, pencil, colours, scissors etc handy. This place should be free from any distraction like a music system or TV. In case of some enthusiastic kids, even a window overlooking a dead lawn can be a huge distraction. As a parent, you know your child better so make necessary arrangements accordingly.



  1. Prepare a time table- Having a time table will not only teach time management to children, but they will look to follow it so that they can spend more time doing their favourite activity. Plan a time table strategically. Try and assign a break of 10 minutes after every hour. This will keep children focused and stress-free



  1. Understanding the Homework- Spend a little time in understanding the motive of homework. Check what your child is leaning at the school, what his/her books prescribe and work accordingly. It is very important to understand the motive of the teacher who assigns an assignment. Take out time to meet teachers and get more help from them.



  1. Be a facilitator- Let children do their work themselves. As a parent your job is to only oversee and guide them if required. This will give a sense of independence and responsibility to the children. Remember even if the child has a lot of homework to finish, you can only help them with it. You cannot work or learn on their behalf. But yes just be around so that they can approach you if needed.



  1. Reward them- The problem with Indian parents is that we know when to shout at the child, but we don’t know how to reward them. Rewarding your child when they successfully finish their homework on time can be a great encouragement. But understanding the difference between rewarding and spoiling. A reward can be a note of refrigerator in praise of the child or a half an hour extension to the play time. Make sure your children earn such rewards for themselves.


  1. Set an example- Upbringing of children can become easy if you start setting an example for them. If you want your child to talk politely, make sure you are polite to everyone you speak to. Parents are first teacher of every child. If you want to inculcate the habit of reading among children maybe you can start reading books yourself first. Try to read and write while your children are completing their assignments, it will encourage them to work a little harder.



  1. In case of problem, get some help- Some children may require expert help. In such cases, it is advisable to consult some professional. You can appoint a private tutor who can help guide your child. For you, as a parent, it is important to keep children encouraged.



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