Interesting Teaching Techniques


A teacher has one of the most tedious tasks in our society. (S)he has to constantly struggle to manage her/his class- a heterogeneous pack of children.

Interestingly, the teaching methodology has moved from the conventional lectures to cooperative and collaborative style.  There are a variety of strategies that can be implemented in the classroom to improve students’ leaning. These strategies can be easily executed in the class and increase the learning outcome manifolds. The best part about implementing strategies is that it does not only make teaching easy, but also enhance other skills among children.


Graphic Organizers– A visual representation is always the best method of teaching. Study says that our minds can comprehend and memorise pictures better as compared to the text. Graphic organizers can be used to enhance learning and understanding of subject matter content. It can be effectively used while brainstorming, writing projects, it encourages student to make decisions and organising ideas. Some of the most commonly used orgainsers are Venn diagram, concept maps etc

Role Play– Role play is one on the most loved strategy among students. It requires a through preparation by both students and teachers. Students act as someone else or create an imaginary situation. For example- While reading about Himalayas, a child can behave as if he is on top of one such mountain and explain its terrestrial to the rest of the class. Or maybe a student can become a hydrogen atom to explain Atoms and Molecules to rest of the class.

A strategy like this can not only make learning easy but also enhance the imagination of the students.

Discussion– Class discussion is yet another useful technique. It can help students retain knowledge for a longer time and develop problem solving attitude. Discussion creates an inclusive environment in the class and students get more acquainted with one another. The ideal seating arrangement for discussion is a circle. The role of the teacher becomes more of a facilitator who can moderate the discussion and if needed ask the right questions.

Field Trip– With the evolution of the education sector, learning is no more confined to the four walls of the classroom. It is very important to bring out students from the classroom and make them familiarize with the environment around them. Nothing can beat the experience of field trips as students absorb the leaning from surroundings first hand. Imagine teaching students about drip irrigation and taking them to a village field where they can practically see how it works. Not only this, they can speak to the farmer and talk about his life in village and what all agricultural practices he follows.

Story Telling– A story is a need of every individual. We all crave for a story. And, how interesting it would be to teach a lesson by means of a story, just imagine!! Story telling is a unique way to develop skills like imagination, listening and creativity among students.

As a teacher, you can enhance the experience of story-telling by modulating your voice, using your body to react to various situations, emoting a feeling, utilising the classroom space etc to make it a rich experience for the students.

Information Exchange – Information exchange is an interesting technique that enables students to interact with each other for the exchange of information. They become responsible for each others’ understanding. An information exchange held within a group can widen the learning horizon of the students. Apart from increase in the learning, this techniques helps to improve skills like problem solving, communication, critical thinking. The role of the teacher, here, merely becomes that of a moderator or a facilitator.


It is very important for teachers to keep on experimenting with new strategies and teaching methods in the class to keep students engrossed. And to ease the pressure of finding new strategies, it is important that teachers share their wisdom with their co-workers. Eduvity provides a platform to teachers to exchange information among themselves so that-

  1. They learn innovative methods from each other
  2. Don’t repeat any strategy unknowingly
  3. Be in sync with what other faculty members are teaching


Install the Eduvity app and make teaching easy.

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