Reading List for growing ones

We all have heard that books are our best friends and how important it is to read. But, don’t you often wonder how to develop this habit in your kids? What books should they read? Or even, where to start from?

Experts say that children pick their basic habits, words and actions from their parents. That is why kids start imitating their parents or learn the words the way their parents pronounce. So, if you are looking to inculcate the habit of reading among children, it has to start with you.

Once you start reading with your children, they will look forward to the ‘We time’. Slowly they get attracted to the magic of books. They will start believing that books bring you together. The next question remains- what books to read? Here is a recommendation list for your growing up kids-


The Wishing Chair Series

Adventure of the wishing chair

You have to begin reading to your little ones and what can be better than The Wishing Chair Series. It is a story of a chair that has extra-ordinary power to grow wings, can fly and take you to various adventurous sites. That is the magic of Bylton’s pen!! So fasten your seat belts and get ready for all the amazing rides with Peter and Mollie.




Panchatantra is believed to be composed around 3rd century and is based on the old oral version of storytelling. The series is beautifully interwoven using both prose and poetry. The stories are mostly animal fables packaged with the worldly wisdom and reflection of Indian way of life. History has evidence that the tales of Panchatantra travelled across Persia, Greece and Europe. Well we come from the land of Panchatantra so pass on the story and brag it!


Malgudi Days

Malgudi days

Set in the fictional town of Malgudi, the book is liked by children and adults alike. These stories portray the plain and simple life of people in Indian villages. The stories of Malgudi were later adapted as television series on Doordarshan. And, who doesn’t know about mischievous Swami and his friends?



Diary of a wimpy kid (Series)

Diary of a wimpy kid

Now this is an interesting read. Diary of a wimpy kid is actually written as a journal of Greg Heffley. All the books in the series are full of hand-written notes and doodles of growing-up Greg and his daily adventures. The series began as an online version in US and was later printed and released as a novel series. Diary of wimpy kid was listed in commercially successful books in US for 141 weeks, making, its author, Jeff Kinney, TIME’s one of ‘The World’s Most Influential People’ in 2009



The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Adventure of Tom Sawyer

Coming from the pen of ‘Greatest American humorist of his age’, Mark Twain what can you expect, but utter humor? Tom lives in, a fictional village, St. Petersburg with Aunt Polly. Despite all the efforts of Aunt Polly to disciple Tom, he continues to be a smart kid and thoroughly entertains his readers. Twain has used Tom Sawyer’s character in his other writings too.


Are you there God? It’s Me, Margaret

Are you there God

Here is the teenage story especially for the girls. So, Margaret is entering her teens and is discovering new changes in her body and her mind. She comes across many ‘first-timers’, has no inclination for religion, starts getting attracted to the opposite gender etc. etc. etc. Doesn’t all this sound familiar when it comes to your early teenagers? This is the book that they can easily relate to and realize that they are not alone in this mess of teenage. After the success of this book, Judy Blume wrote Then Again, Maybe I won’t from a boy’s perspective.


The Chronicles of Narnia


A perfect blend of fantasy, magic, flying animals and what a wonderland.  C.S. Lewis has interestingly maintained that all the characters are children or young adults. The characters have been inspired from Greek, Roman mythology and Irish fairy tales. The book proved to be huge commercial success selling over 100 million copies in 47 different languages. It has been adapted as films and radio plays.


Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter

Harry Potter doesn’t need an introduction, isn’t it? Harry Potter is a collection of stories of young wizard Harry, his friends, his life in the Wizcraft School and of course lord Voldemort (Oops!! We are not supposed to name him) Your kids know Daniel Radcliffe as Harry so probably now is the time to hand them that Harry Potter series. A book is always better than its film adaptation, it unleashes the imagination. Children are more capable than grown-ups; maybe they come up with new imagery of Hogwarts.


The Diary of a Young Girl

diary of a young girl

Also known as The Diary of Anne Frank, the book is a historical account of atrocities paved by Nazis occupation. The book is written by a teenage girl Anne who names her diary Kitty. The plot of the book remains one of the darkest chapters of world history, but it can be a very non-violent of introducing world history to your children and that too from perspective of a growing up girl herself. The book has been translated in over 60 lanuages.


I am Malala

I am Malala

Auto biographies are the first hand experience of the main character of the book. An autobiography like I am Malala are a must read for your children. This is a story of a teenager who was stood like a rock against Taliban for the cause of girl education and became the young recipient of Nobel Peace Prize for peace.



More than handing over a book to your kid, it is more important to keep a check on what they are reading. Just like Eduvity helps you keep a check on your child when they are in their schools. It helps you get regular updates on the well-being of your child. And as they say, “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy books and that’s kind of the same thing”. Do your children a lifetime favor, feed the reader in them.

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