Safety Tips for your Preschoolers

Preschools are the stepping stones for a new beginning in the life of your little one. No doubt it is a big day for you too, but more than that it is worrying you. All this while you were always around to help your kids, but, now things will change. We know you are worried, damn worried about how will your toddler manage without you. The best part is- We understand. We understand that what all you will be going through.

We will help you through this one. You need to relax, to start with. Here are some of the pointers that can help you prepare your little one for this new endeavor.


  1. Introduce the school- It is good idea to take your child to his/her new preschool. Let them explore the place; see the teachers and rest of the kids there. A brief introduction with the people there will help them get a hang of the place. Later when you send them to school, at least it won’t be unfamiliar with it.



  1. Drive them that way often- It is a very good idea to drive your kid that way often so that they register the route and the images of it. Take them around that place and talk about it. While at home, mentally prepare your child for their Preschool. Tell them how good and comfortable the place is.


  1. Available contact Information- Make sure that the school has all the relevant contact information available. Apart from phone numbers and addresses, make sure they know the blood group of the child, or anything that they are allergic to.

Also labeling school bag or shirt with their names is a bad idea. In that case any stranger can know their name. Identity card of the child should be place in his/her shirt pocket.



  1. Communicate with them- It is important to create a healthy environment for the conversation. Try to ask open-ended questions to them. Ask them about their day. This will help you understand how their day went. In case you notice huge difference in their behavior or physical appearance make sure that you investigate more about it.


  1. Know the Driver- In case you personally don’t pick and drop your child, make sure you know who is in charge. Whether it is an auto, cab, school bus or your personal driver introduce your child to them. As a parent it is necessary that you keep a check of their behavior. Have conversations about the drivers with your child.



  1. Educate the Kid- Prevention is better than cure. Teach your child the basic preventive measures against physical abuse. Ask them to stay away from strangers and the people they don’t feel good about. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to not let little known people babysit your child.
Children Reading Books
Children Reading Books


Whoever said Parenting was easy was clearly lying. As a human, you are bound to make mistakes, but the key is to learn from those mistakes. Rise in crime against children is worrying, but you will have to brave the situation and stay alert and positive.


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