Child Security in Schools

Crime against children is on a rise. Nearly 90,000 crimes against children were registered in 2014 of which over 37,000 involved kidnap and abduction and nearly 14,000 involved rapes. Children are unaware of nefarious intention which makes them vulnerable to such acts of crime.

Children face security threat even in schools. Security of the child is a concern of every parent. Most of the Indian schools lack proper security arrangements for the students. It is high time that schools put in extra effort to beef up the security of the children. Intervention by school at the following levels can help curb the crime-

School Bus– The cases of kidnapping at the bus stop are increasing. The school needs to keep a check on which child has boarded the school bus in the morning and who has de-boarded the bus and when. A similar alert can be sent to the parents. The school buses should be GPS enabled to keep a track of the bus and also make sure that there is no mishap happening on the school bus. Bus tracking feature enabled for the parents will help keep them informed about the bus route and the stoppages that it makes.


Attendance– Attendance is another way of reaffirming that all the students who were picked from the bus stop had made it to the class safely. Attendance alert sent to the parents will help them ensure that their child is safe in the school. Such alerts from every subject teacher will help school to maintain internal security too. The school should be able to access such information at finger tips so that in case of any accident/ criminal activity, the school can take swift action.


School Activity– School should send pictures/ videos of student’s classroom activities regularly to parents. Clicking pictures of students during some fancy dress competition or recording a video of a dance performance can serve two purposes- One, parents will get an instant information of their child’s performance and they won’t miss out on the activities of their children. Two, it will help ensure that children are safe the school in the most un-intimidating manner.


Interaction – A constant interaction between teachers, school and parents can help keep a track of child’s development as well as security. In case there is serious change in the behavior of the child, both school management and parents can intervene and help the child.


Holistic development and security of a child is the responsibility of both parents and school management. So it becomes important that the information of child is instantly available to them. Team Eduvity has developed an app that can help school admin, teachers as well as parents be in constant touch with each other. The entire motive behind developing the app is to focus on child security and development. Eduvity has combined 4 different app and has provided the web console to the school to manage. It makes Eduvity a well managed, customized and a high secure app. With the app in action, every child can be easy tracked and without obstructing the life of the children.


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