Why should Schools subscribe to Eduvity

Eduvity is a combination of Education and Activity. Here is an app that not only ensures total security for the children but also sends instant information to Parents. With Eduvity you can control daily school operations, literally, at the tap of your finger.


Customised App– Eduvity has been meticulously designed to suit the requirements of every school. The app works in accordance to every school’s schedule. Whether it is summer break, exam schedule or everyday school timings, everything can be tailored around easily.


Control over School Buses– Right from the time when school bus starts picking up till every student is off board, you can track each and every school bus. Schools can keep a check when students board the bus, track the route of school bus, keep a check on the stoppage time, and also when they have de-boarded the bus. This feature enables schools to take the control of the entire school bus fleet.



Instant Report of Students– Till now it was difficult for School management to readily get information of every student, but not anymore now. Eduvity lets you access information about any students any time. Eduvity acts as a bridge that narrows the gap between the school management and the students. It can result in the holistic development of the children.


Sending Alerts– Students have to stay back after school hours for a surprise inspection by Education department officials, but how will the school management inform parents about it? Simple, via Eduvity!! Now, school can send important alerts to all the parents in matter of few seconds. Eduvity instantly dispatches important information right from the school on to the mobile screen of the parents/guardians.



Overseeing the Teachers Activity– School can easily oversee the interaction among staff members so that they stay in loop on what is being taught in a particular subject. School can also keep a check on the Parent and Teacher interaction. And all these features are available to the School by means of a simple app called Eduvity.


Fee notification/ Reminder– Now sending messages like fee reminder, Date sheet reminder etc has become easy. The school can broadcast the relevant message directly to the parents. Separate groups can be created for each class and section and applicable message can be sent subsequently.


Instant pictures and Videos– Sending picture and videos of student activities directly to the parents have become very easy. A school official can click the picture or record a dance performance and send it across to the parents. To avoid misuse of pictures and videos, different groups will be created. Eduvity promises to make information exchange possible but with utmost privacy.


Less Paperwork/ Paperless– With Eduvity app in your phone, there is no need to maintain heavy ledgers or a lot of files. Any information that you need is available on your phone. Right from attendance register to result of the students, schools can save a lot of paper and help in the saving the paper just like Eduvity does.


So get the Power of Eduvity Today!!

For more info, visit us at www.eduvity.com

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